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Pakistan's Economic and Social Data Resources


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Department of Economics

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Please submit membership form to apply for Data Resources. The membership is available for LUMS community . Applicants outside LUMS community can click here to write to us.
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Important Note:

The microdata are intended only for scholarly research and educational purposes.
These microdata are provided for the exclusive purposes of teaching and scholarly research, and may not be used for any other purposes without explicit written approval of Data Resources. The distribution of data for any commercial or income-generating venture is strictly prohibited.

Use of the microdata must follow strict rules of confidentiality.
Users will maintain the confidentiality of surveyed data of persons / households / company. Any attempt to explore the identity is prohibited.

Scholarly publications are permitted, and must be cited appropriately.
The publishing of research results based on Data Resources is permitted in communications such as scholarly papers and journals without proper citation.
I have read and agreed to the above terms and conditions.
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