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Pakistan's Economic and Social Data Resources


Lahore University of Management Sciences


Department of Economics

Resources on Net

The Resources on the Internet provides online access to an extensive collection of free and paid, national and international datasets pertaining to the millions of households and individuals and accompanying documentation and other additional material that may be of interest to the economists, faculty and students.

The sites listed below are examined carefully, if you want to share any online link which provides access to online economic data resources, please let us know.



  • KOF Index of Globalization 2011 (Developed by KOF Swiss Economic Institute)   => 
  • International Financial Statistics =>
  • Integrated Public Use Microdata Series, International =>
  • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO Statistics) =>
  • Pen World Table, Center for International Comparisons =>
  • Integrated Public Use Microdata Series - International (IPUMS)
  • World Bank LSMS (Living Standards Measurement Study of W.B)
  • IHSN Central Survey Catalog
  • International Food Policy Research Institute, (IFPRI)
  • India Human Development Survey (IHDS) => 
  • Inter-University Constorium for Political and Social Research =>
  • National Bureau of Economic Research =>
  • Bureau of Labour Statistics, USA =>


  • State Bank of Pakistan =>
  • Ministry of Finance =>
  • Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan =>
  • Agricultural Census Organization, Pakistan =>
  • Papulation Census Organization, Pakistan =>
  • Planning & Development Department Punjab, Pakistan =>
  • World Bank Data
  • Statistics Division, Government of Pakistan =>