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Pakistan's Economic and Social Data Resources


Lahore University of Management Sciences


Department of Economics

About Data Resources


Total Datasets:

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The list of datasets online on DRU website is given below;

Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS), National Institute of Population Studies, Islamabad (NIPS)
State Banks of Pakistan, LUMS, Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE),
Provincial Bureau of Statistics

Data Types:
Cross section Surveys and Panel Datasets

National, Provincial Rural-Urban and District

Data Resource Unit (DRU) is an online repository of data resources developed by the Department of Economics at Lahore University of Management Sciences to facilitate academic and policy oriented research on Pakistan. With few exceptions, the data resources at CMER mostly consist of individual and household-level data from Pakistan’s household and labor force surveys, other government surveys, financial and provincial development statistics and LUMS surveys.

CDR allows its users instant online access to datasets pertaining to millions of households and individuals and accompanying documentation in the form of original questionnaires and additional material prepared by CMER, e.g., code books, and section-wise description of data sets. This exhaustive hub of data resources is constantly being updated. Presently, about 70 datasets are available on-line, in SPSS and Stata format or offline.
Online surveys can be accessed by selecting datasets of interest from here.