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Dataset Detail

Labour Force Survey (LFS)->2007-08

Description: The Pakistan Labour Force Survey (LFS) 2007-08 broadly provides data on the demographics and dimensions of labour force in the country. The demographics constitute information on indicators like age, sex, marital status, literacy, level of education and migration of population. The dimensions of labour force include statistics on (i) employed labour force classified by industry, formal and informal sectors, occupation, employment status, hours worked and level of education, (ii) occupational safety and health information of employed persons, and (iii) unemployed labour by level of education and previous experience. The enumeration of the survey’s sample has been carried out in the form of four distinct nationally representative quarterly samples. This report presents annual estimates for the reference period 2007-08 from a representative sample of 32,638 households to produce national and provincial estimates with urban/rural breakup.

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